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Advancement Via Individual Determination


6th Grade - Mrs. Dana Dubose

7th Grade - Mrs. Micah Myers

8th Grade - Mrs. Kim McGuckin

AVID Logo - Decade of College Dreams

AVID is a nonprofit college-readiness program. The program is designed to help students develop the many skills they need to be successful in college. Special emphasis is placed on growing writing, reading, critical thinking, teamwork, and organization skills. At HJH, AVID is both an elective class and a school-wide initiative. There is one elective class for each grade level, 6th-8th.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Walt Disney  


AVID Training

In August, Science, Social Studies, and Electives teachers participated in an AVID training where they learned several new AVID strategies.

Guest Speakers

Occasionally all the AVID classes get together to learn from various awesome guest speakers. They take notes on the presentation and have a chance to ask questions.

On Tuesday, August 22, 2023, our Superintendent, Mr. Shayman, came to speak to our AVID classes as our first guest speaker of the year.

On Friday, September 22nd, Alexis Lopez came and spoke to the AVID students. He is a former AVID student that discussed how AVID impacted his life and discussed his love for band, his current career at MidFlorida Credit Union, and other careers available in the financial field.

On Thursday, October 5th, Dr. James "Chip" Roberts from the Hardee County Sheriff's Office came and spoke to the AVID students about his career and experience in law enforcement.

On Thursday, November 9, Cody Gullatt, mechanic and owner of Service King came to talk to our AVID and STEM students and show them how to change a tire.

Students with Guest Speaker

On Tuesday, November 29th, former HHS graduate, Jansen Walker, zoomed with our AVID classes about her experience as a private pilot, her college experience at Purdue University, and her job as Aviation Operations Specialist at Duke Energy. It was very interesting!

On December 15, 2023, Wintz Terrell came to talk to the AVID students about his business, WD Environmental Services. It was very interesting!

Wintz Terrell

On January 23, Local Author Jeanie Myrie spoke to AVID students about her career as both an author and an Instructional Designer for Amazon. She read one of her books and even gave away an autographed copy. Many of the AVID students put their Cornell Notes skills to the test and practiced taking notes during her presentation.

On March 18th and 20th, Sofia Ochoa from SFSC came to speak to us a about SFSC and all it has to offer as well as her job as a college recruiter.

College Wednesdays!

Every Wednesday, to encourage students to wear their college or military shirts, AVID does a drawing during lunch. Everyone wearing their college or military shirt gets a ticket and entered into the drawing. The prizes range from candy to chips to $10 gift cards. Sometimes, there is one lucky winner, sometimes 12! Each week is different, but we have a lot of participation!


more winners

Practicing Introductions in 7th Grade AVID

Fun Fridays!!

Flip Cup Tic Tac Toe Challenge in 7th Grade AVID. This took some real team work and problem solving strategies.

Lifesaver Go-Cart Challenge - The Winner was Tapatio!

Back-To-Back Drawings in 7th Grade AVID


6th Grade AVID Students have successfully started the process of Collaborative Study Groups!

Now, 7th graders have started the CSG process as well. So far, so good!


Monthly AVID Strategies


In September, the Strategy of the Month was Speed Philosophical Chairs. It promote and encourages active listening skills as well as speaking and debating skills. Several teachers across campus put this strategy to use.

Our September Strategy of the Month Winner was Mrs. T. Powell! Thanks for participating!

Mrs Powell


In October, the Strategy of the Month is One Pagers. It helps students summarize what they learned in a creative format. It is a great way to review a concept and study for a test.

Our October AVID Strategy of the Month Winner was Mrs. Hayden!

Mrs. Hayden

Examples of One-Pagers from throughout the campus:

November and December

The strategy for November and December was Chalk Talks. These are some pictures from it in action.

Mrs Ford

Our November/December winner was Mrs. Ford! Congrats!

January and February

The strategy for January and February was Cornell Notetaking.

Notetaking and Spoons

7th Grade AVID students took notes on how to play the game spoons, and then they put their notes to use to actually play the game.

AVID Fundraiser

AVID students worked hard to raise money for the program by selling cookie dough and other items from catalogs. The highest seller from each class got a prize, and they received one ticket for each item sold for a drawing. These were some of the winners.

Field Trips

A special thank you to the Hardee County Education Foundation for sponsoring our individual class trips and paying for the transportation! We appreciate it!

6th Grade Students Toured Polk State College in Lakeland, Florida before heading to Chick-Fil-A for lunch.

6th grade group pic

7th Grade Student toured South Florida State College in Avon Park, Florida and then had a nice lunch at Olive Garden.

7th grade group on Field Trip

Biology Day Field Trip

On Friday, March 1st, AVID students joined up with STEM students for a fun trip to Biology Day at Busch Gardens. It was a perfect day!

Haunted Gingerbread Houses for Halloween in 7th Grade AVID

Celebrating Thanksgiving in AVID

7th Graders made career turkeys. They each disguised a turkey to look like a career they are interested in pursuing.

They also did a Paper Chain Challenge. They had to make the longest paper chain using only 2 pieces of construction paper. Every link had to have something they are thankful for written on it to qualify.

College Themed Christmas Trees Contest

The winners!

The Winners!

AVID Christmas Party

New AVID Shirts!

new shirts

The Radio Show

On January 18th, Erianna Severe and Katelyn Sims from 7th Grade AVID joined Shayla Hernandez and Esmeralda Ramos from 8th Grade AVID and Mrs. Myers to do the Cat Chat Radio Show for 102.1 The Outlaw, our local radio station in Wauchula. They discussed what the AVID program is, what they do in class, how it's helped them, and their goals for the future. They are also all either Culinary Students or Culinary Student Workers so they got a chance to talk about that experience as well. They did a fantastic job and deserved a treat at Dunkin on the way back to school!

Superbowl One-Pagers

Students had to research the college/university of one of the football players from either the Chiefs or the 49ers teams.

Valentine's Day STEM Activity

7th Graders in AVID were challenged with building a bridge using paper cups, marshmallows, toothpicks, and heart shaped gummies. Joshua Workman had the longest bridge and Rosario Torres won the most creative.

Balloon Tower Challenge

7th Grade AVID students were challenged to build a freestanding tower with only one bag of 25 balloons and a roll of tape in about 25 minutes. The tallest tower won!