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2017-2018 Dress for Success Attire Plan
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Friday, July 14, 2017
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A student’s dress and appearance should not cause disruption, distract from the educational process, or create a health or safety concern for themselves or others.  Faculty, parents, and students alike feel that students should take pride in their grooming and general appearance by selecting appropriate dress for school.

Clothing which affords modesty and good taste in pursuit of learning is encouraged.  Students’ dress and appearance should fall within the limits of cleanliness, good grooming, and proper taste.  Several items of clothing currently in fashion have their place in the area of recreation, but are out of place in the classroom.




Shirt Requirements:

1.    Shirts may be worn out over the waistline or tucked in.  Shirt size shall not be more than “1” size larger than the student’s measured size and must be no lower than 2 inches for the inner aspect of the collar bone (below the neck).

2.    The following shirts are the only allowable shirts to be worn by students at    Hardee Junior High School:

- Hardee Junior High spirit, athletic and club shirts (short- or long-sleeved). in Wildcat orange, gray, navy, or royal blue.  Shirts will be available for purchase in the administration building or school store.  Additionally, “Hardee Wildcats” or “Wildcats” shirts in Wildcat orange, gray, navy, or royal blue may be worn.  These are also available from outside vendors. The 2 inch rule from #1 will apply.

- College shirts or U.S. Armed Forces shirts (must display military branch logo or emblem) of any color may be worn to promote institutions of higher learning and for team spirit purposes.

- Solid color polo shirts, (short- or long-sleeved, maximum of 4 buttons) in Wildcat orange, gray, navy, or royal blue.  Girls may wear polo shirts with cap sleeves.  Polo shirts may have small designer logos, emblems, or Wildcat logo located near the chest area, as long as they are smaller than the size of a student ID and are appropriate for school. Parents are encouraged to purchase polo shirts from retail stores; however, the “Dress for Success” attire should be strictly adhered to. Remember, the approved colors are Wildcat orange, gray, navy, or royal blue.  The 2 inch rule from #1 will apply.


Pants/Shorts/Skirt Requirements:

1.    Pants must be fastened and worn at the natural waistline for boys and at the hips for girls.  Pants, shorts, skirts, and skorts waist size shall not be more than “1” size larger than the student’s measured size. Pants, slacks, and shorts cannot be excessively baggy in fit.  Undergarments (boxers, briefs, or shorts, or panties) should not be visible at any time.  They should be no longer in length than the heels of the shoes. 

2.    Skirts, shorts, and skorts shall be no shorter than two inches above the knee, with no slits.

3.    Pants, shorts, skorts, and skirts must be free from rips and tears. 

4.    Pants, shorts, skorts, and skirts must fasten at the waist with snaps/buttons, and zippers.


Other “Dress for Success” Requirements:

●        Shoes shall be worn at all times.

●        Students should not wear any clothing, jewelry, buttons, or any other items, words, phrases, symbols, pictures with words, phrases, symbols, pictures, patches or graphics which use indecent, swear, or suggestive words or are drug/alcohol or gang related.

●        Sunglasses, hats, caps or any other head covering, are not to be worn in the buildings.

●        Extremes in dress or grooming that cause undue attention or cause disruptive influences, such as unnaturally colored hair, tattoos, and body piercing (other than ears) are examples of extreme dress and grooming and are prohibited        

●        Students should have their ID card in their possession at ALL times during school hours.


●      Bandanas of any color or style, visors, shower caps, nylon caps, hair nets, and skull caps

●      Hair rollers

●      Chain wallets, dog collars, spiked wrist bands, or neck bands

●      Unbuckled belts, overalls, or suspenders

●      Sweatpants, joggers or yoga pants of any kind

●      Pajamas or sleepwear

●      Leggings of any kind are not allowed

●      Bicycling, stretch or spandex pants or shorts

●      Excessively short or tight clothing

●      Hooded garments

●      NO garments with an elastic or drawstring waist

●      Bedroom slippers, heelys or skate shoes

●      Bare feet

●      Gang related items of any kind

Winter/Cold Weather Policy: 

The following outerwear articles of clothing are allowed and may be worn all day without removal:

●      Zip-up (or button-up) coats, jackets or sweaters in any color.  These items should be free from any inflammatory print or design.

●      Pull-over sweatshirts and sweaters in Wildcat orange, gray, navy or royal blue are allowed. These items should be free from inflammatory print or design.

●      Long- or short-sleeved solid colored t-shirts in Wildcat orange, gray, navy or royal blue are allowed and may be worn underneath “dress for success” t-shirts or polos. These undershirts should be tucked and should not extend below the outer t-shirt or polo.

All outerwear items must be free of rips or tears, and must fit within one size of the student’s measured size.

We ask the cooperation of parents with our “Dress for Success” attire plan.  It is our desire to create an environment that will serve the best interests of all students at the school.

Beginning with the first day of the school year, every student will be expected to comply with the HJH “Dress for Success” attire plan.  No exceptions to the plan will be made for any student except for religious reasons.  The parent must file a formal written request for exemption with the principal and provide documentation to support the request for exemption for religious reasons.  Students entering later in the school year will have a one-week grace period for purchasing “Dress for Success” attire. 

If necessary, disciplinary action will be taken to encourage compliance with the “Dress for Success” attire plan.  Hardee Junior High will strive to achieve full compliance.  We will resort to disciplinary action only when positive measures fail to ensure compliance.  Prior to initiating any disciplinary action against a student, parents will be contacted to solicit their cooperation and support of the “Dress for Success” attire plan.  Disciplinary action will be initiated only after all means to secure support and cooperation have not succeeded.  A progressive discipline approach, as indicated by the district and school comprehensive discipline plans, will be employed to encourage consistent compliance with the “Dress for Success” attire plan.

Violation of any part of the “Dress for Success” Attire Plan will result in the following:

1.    First offense – phone call to parents.  A change of clothing will have to be brought to the student; otherwise, the student will remain in the ACE (Alternative Classroom Environment) classroom until they are in compliance.

2.    Further violations will result in a lunch detention and/or ACE assignment.  In order to remain in a regular classroom setting, students must be in compliance with the HJH “Dress for Success” attire plan.



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