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Full Participation in the 2020 CENSUS is Important!
Posted On:
Thursday, July 23, 2020
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Full Participation in the 2020 CENSUS is Important!

There’s a lot at stake!

Completing the Census is easy – There are 3 ways

  1. Respond Online - Go to - or

  2. Respond By Calling – 1-844-330-2020 or

  3. Complete the form mailed or delivered to your home!


Local communities have important reasons to ensure a full count of their populations.

  • Census data is used to distribute federal funding. Dozens of federal and state programs use the information – Underreporting will result in a loss of funding.

  • The numbers derived from the CENSUS date are used to determine political districts at the federal, state, and local levels. States gain or lose seats in Congress (and the Electoral College, which determines presidential elections) depending on how much their population changes relative to the nation at large. 

  • Accurate data regarding who lives where and how the population is changing is critical for long-term planning, as local governments cities, counties, and school boards use population to make informed decisions about where to invest in services like new transportation lines or more schools.  

How are Constituent Service impacted?

Dozens of critical social services, education, and infrastructure programs depend on census-guided federal funds. Bottom-line - more money goes to places where more people live – that is the State and Local Governments. If Florida’s data is undercounted State funding will be reduced.

The Clock is running! The time for action is now!

The deadline for completion of the 2020 census is October 31st. There is just over 3 months to work with your community partners to ensure a fair and accurate county and to prevent an undercount. Political representation, funding distribution, and data for decision-making all rest upon a full and accurate enumeration. .


Here are some the programs that use census data for distribution purposes-

Temporary Assistance to Needy Families

Title 1 Grants to Local School Districts

Child Care and Development Block Grants

Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers

National School Lunch Program

Medical Assistance Programs

Special Education Grants

Title IV-E Foster Care

Social Services Block Grant

Homeland Security Grant Programs

Community Development Block Grants

Head Start

School Breakfast Program

Adoption Assistance

Supporting Effective Instruction State Grants

Highway Planning and Construction

Child and Adult Food Programs

Low Income Home Energy Assistance

Community Service Block Grant

Substance Abuse and Treatment Block Grants

Youth and Adult Activities

Special Programs for the Aging, Title III, Nutrition Services

Career and Technical Training Grants to the State

Dislocated Worker Formula Grants

Federal Transit Formula Grants

Home Investment Partnership Program

State Community Development Block Grants

Crime Victim Assistance


Public Service Videos

Lt. Governor Jeanette Nunez - Chair of Florida’s Complete Count Committee

Public Service Spot the 2020 Census - General Message-English

Public Service Spot the 2020 Census - General Message-Spanish language

Public Service Spot the 2020 Census - Faith Based Message