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College Reach-Out Program (CROP)

From the SFSC website:

"The College Reach-out Program (CROP) is a statewide project designed to increase the number of students who complete a postsecondary education. Its primary objective is to motivate and prepare low income and educationally disadvantaged students in grades six through 12, who would otherwise be unlikely to continue their education beyond high school."

Additional information:

The Hardee branch of CROP is a grant-funded program and is based at Hardee Junior High School. We serve approximately 25 students each year. As part of the program, students are mentored by a site laison. Currently, the student advocate is Mrs. Ana Collom. She and SFSC's Mr. Fernando Islas work closely with the eighth grade students throughout the school year and during the summer, and continue to support the members as they complete their secondary education at Hardee Senior High School. CROP activities include lunch meetings, Super Saturday workshops, educational field trips, college visitations, and the Summer Transition Academy.